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What's on the menu?

3 Nutritional Meals a Day

We provide 3 nutritional meals per day, as well as water and milk throughout. We add neither salt nor sugar to the food. There is always a vegetarian alternative to each meal and special dietary or religious meals can be catered for. Meals are prepared daily on-site by our in-house cook. In addition, we also have a morning and afternoon snack. See below for an example of the lunches at the nursery.


Parents of young babies are asked to provide bottles made up with formula milk daily, which will be labelled and given to your child as per your instructions. When necessary, packets of nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool and nappy creams should be brought into the nursery.

The baby room staff will write on the bottom of the daily report for your child if any of these items are needed. Babies are weaned according to the instructions of their parents. When they are ready to join in with the meal times of the other children, they are helped to learn about food, hygiene and table manners.

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